Thursday, October 23

Seven Things

I have been tagged by my lovely Clanky-poo!! Here are 7 things about me:)

#1. Despite everything everyone says...i want to get married. I know a lot of people say i'm lucky for waiting and i need to be glad that i'm single, but i'm so over it and i'm so over playing the dating game!

#2. I know the Twilight series is fictional...but seriously? who WOULDN'T want to be a vampire?

#3. I was just telling Clancy the other day i have this wierd reocurring dream that i'm pregnant and have my baby, but i always loose it, like i misplace my baby... i don't know what it means!! :'(

#4. I want to be able to sing like Mariah Carey. I've adored her since i was about 6 years old

#5. Put a tub of fry sauce in front of me and i could eat it plain, and probably all of it

#6. I'm going to own a Victoria Secret one day

#7. i really wish i was a better cook. i love to cook... but unfortunately i don't do it very well. Everytime i attempt to cook anything i do at least one thing wrong. like for instance the other night i was cooking dinner for taylor and i, and i was doing so good with the noodles and the peas and the sauce...but the rice? i have NO idea how i burnt the rice, but it turned out horrible. It was a sad day...

YAY!! those are my 7 things!!! Who do i tag? I tag, stevie,ashley,kristine, Laura, Kristin, Christina, and lynette!! have fun girls!! ^_^

Friday, October 17

lunch with friends

I just happened to have a very good lunch with some lovely girls i unfortunately don't get to see as much as i want to. it was nice to get away from reality and sit and relax and be with people who care. It was the highlight of my week:) thanks girls! i love you all

Thursday, October 9


well it's finally baby sister got proposed to last night. Holy wow!!! her and her now fiance came dwn last night and he asked my parents for permission to marry her and my sister thought they were leaving back to pocatello when Steve started taking this country road and on the way he was explaining his grandma to her and how she taught him everything h needed to know about life and how much he looked up to her and he ended up taking her to his grandma's old house (which from my understanding was now just a pile of wood because it burned down) but he took her there because his grandma meant so much to him and he meant so much to her so he proposed to her there. And of course her ring was gorgeous and when i saw her she was so happy. it made me so happy. Just the look on her face!! she was absolutely glowing! so i'm the maid of honor. yay:) hahaha. they haven't got a specific date yet...but i do no it probably will be a spring or summer wedding. i'm kinda excited! And steve is planning to take my sister to paris for thier honeymoon. Holy jealous. So that's that i guess. I get to start help plan a wedding!