Thursday, January 14

i forgot::D

For some out of wack reason, i completely forgot i had a blog. LOL....i guess following everybody on facebook kinda defeated the point. But then you can't write such novels on here we are:D its fun to see everyone so happy and content. It just makes me thankful that there are still good things in life and happy people^_^
Life certainly have had it's surprises lately. Well all may seem good right now...i still have a long road ahead! I did get some doctors tests back today from the diabetic doctor and my diabetes is the best it's been in six years. CAN YOU BELIEVE that? 6 whole years and i'm doing a pretty amazing job. I can't say enough how happy and proud of myself that makes me:D happy happy day!<3


Clancy Pants said...

Awesome, Carmy! You ROCK! I ♥ you and miss you. What's going on in your life lately?

northwesternbelle said...

Yay Carmy! I am so proud of you too. You are amazing and I'm glad you're back in the blogsphere. I love you!!

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