Thursday, January 14

i forgot::D

For some out of wack reason, i completely forgot i had a blog. LOL....i guess following everybody on facebook kinda defeated the point. But then you can't write such novels on here we are:D its fun to see everyone so happy and content. It just makes me thankful that there are still good things in life and happy people^_^
Life certainly have had it's surprises lately. Well all may seem good right now...i still have a long road ahead! I did get some doctors tests back today from the diabetic doctor and my diabetes is the best it's been in six years. CAN YOU BELIEVE that? 6 whole years and i'm doing a pretty amazing job. I can't say enough how happy and proud of myself that makes me:D happy happy day!<3

Monday, March 16

it's amazing...

i know i haven't blogged for awhile...things have been crazy!! with work and relationships...who has time for anything anymore!!! today i am full of joy and relief. full of gratitude and thankfulness for the trials and tribulations in my life and the people who truly have saved me from myself. The past couple of months i've had to deal with many hardships, many things i didn't think i had the ability to overcome. There are a small handfull of people who i owe my everything to. Who i have to thank for my very being. And i know these people know who you are. A little bit ago i hit my lowest low. I didn't know myself anymore. I lost who i was. I was so caught up in being in love with someone who only shared the same feelings some of the time and being so hurt and crused by every little thing it was hurting me and dragging down. This person, this person who i thought was my everything pushed me away, pushed me away so far...i cracked. But it's for this person that i thank from the bottom of my heart for doing so because it opened a whole new world for me. Out of this hole...there were 3 amazing people i met that made me feel like no other. That let me see that i could be happy, that there were other people out there so willing to love and care for me freely...rather than when it was convienent for them. They showed me that i was okay by myself, that i didn't need to be attached to someone so much to be happy, that i was an amazing person by myself. They taught me to let go, and that it was okay to let go. I am relieved and a huge burden has been lifted off of me. I am okay. i will be okay. Its unfortunate that i had to go through hell and back to finally get to this point in my life...but i wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned an amazing lesson and i've finally found myself again. I've found my confidence and love for life. These people may never know how much they mean to me and how very thankful i am that they had the patience and love to give to me to show me life again. I love you guys from the depths of my heart. Thank you for loving me, for showing me who i am. For bringing me back to life<3

Sunday, November 23


So tonight was Twilight night, and can i say i simply LOVED it. I was worried because i heard from a lot of people that it wasn't that great and they were dissapointed. i got a little worried because I made Taylor come and so i was freaking out thinking i made him come to this movie that was going to be crap. But just my luck it was AMAZING and he LOVED it and even said he wanted to buy it on video already. Hee hee...go me!! There were parts i wish they wouldn't have left out of the movie, but hey...i left very happy. i'm so glad i went with people i loved and they enjoyed it too!! i can't wait for New Moon!! * that is if they make it*

Friday, November 7

and oh yeah!!...

Midnight showing of the best movie in the whole entire world...November 21st midnight at edwards theater...
who's with me? I'd love to go with everyone and anyone! <3

Hooray for the Weekend!!

I live for weekends...the only reason is because that's the busiest time at work and that's where i make all my money from. sad huh? LOL
It was an interesting week for all america. All i can say is i'm happy that all the negative campaning is over, but i'm not happy that all i hear is
"OMG the world is over!!"
"We are all going to be slaves!"
"Terrorists are going to take over our country!"
It makes me sad because i feel no one has any faith anymore. Granted no i did not vote for Obama, i am interested to see what the next year...and the next four years entail for us as Americans. Is our country going to blow up? are we really going to be slaves? is the world actually over? I can't answer those questions and i do believe no one on this whole earth can. But i do know that these are the times of the last days and that things do happen for a reason and Heavenly Father still has watch over us. We are all still united as free Americans and we still need to stick by each other. It seems like a lot of people have forgotten that at this election time. I know i have great faith that whatever happens next for our country is what was meant to happen and it's all part of the plan.
I have also done a horrible job at planning my sister's wedding. it's still a long way off...but i've done absolutely nothing...UGH
I can't believe it's Thanksgiving/Christmas time already. Holy time goes by fast.
I also sort of had a wake up call this week as well with my own personal experiences. I don't know what made me realize this...but... I am the biggest people pleaser that i've ever met. Holy cow...It's like i change myself to make others happy, but what do i do to make myself happy? well the easy answer is, duh, change for other people. But what does that do for me? I have no sense of who i am, just what i need to be for other people. And that really made me sad. I know what's in my heart and what i love doing for people i love and care about...but i'm working on the road to finding where i fit in and who i really am. And to be honest it's been kind of a process because it's easy to fall back into my own ways.
Other than all this, i'm still just chugging away:) I just for once want to have a positive outlook on my life and all things i go through. To appriciate my bad times just as much as my good ones because it's both good and bad i need to learn and grow from and i can't have one without the other. Now i finally feel that i really am doing the best i can ^_^

Thursday, October 23

Seven Things

I have been tagged by my lovely Clanky-poo!! Here are 7 things about me:)

#1. Despite everything everyone says...i want to get married. I know a lot of people say i'm lucky for waiting and i need to be glad that i'm single, but i'm so over it and i'm so over playing the dating game!

#2. I know the Twilight series is fictional...but seriously? who WOULDN'T want to be a vampire?

#3. I was just telling Clancy the other day i have this wierd reocurring dream that i'm pregnant and have my baby, but i always loose it, like i misplace my baby... i don't know what it means!! :'(

#4. I want to be able to sing like Mariah Carey. I've adored her since i was about 6 years old

#5. Put a tub of fry sauce in front of me and i could eat it plain, and probably all of it

#6. I'm going to own a Victoria Secret one day

#7. i really wish i was a better cook. i love to cook... but unfortunately i don't do it very well. Everytime i attempt to cook anything i do at least one thing wrong. like for instance the other night i was cooking dinner for taylor and i, and i was doing so good with the noodles and the peas and the sauce...but the rice? i have NO idea how i burnt the rice, but it turned out horrible. It was a sad day...

YAY!! those are my 7 things!!! Who do i tag? I tag, stevie,ashley,kristine, Laura, Kristin, Christina, and lynette!! have fun girls!! ^_^

Friday, October 17

lunch with friends

I just happened to have a very good lunch with some lovely girls i unfortunately don't get to see as much as i want to. it was nice to get away from reality and sit and relax and be with people who care. It was the highlight of my week:) thanks girls! i love you all